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The mofstyle utility processes CIM Classes defined in a MOF file and re-formats according to DMTF Style guidelines.

Run mofstyle from the following directory

Platform Directory
Windows C:\Program Files\ws\sdk\bin\
Linux /usr/ws/sdk/bin
Solaris /opt/ws/sdk/bin

Command Line Syntax

The mofstyle utility can be invoked by typing mofstyle at the command prompt.

C: \> cd \Program Files\ws\sdk\bin
C: \> mofstyle -h
MOFstyle [options] dir
Copyright (c) 2002-2010, WS, Inc.
-h Display this usage statement
-q Quiet mode
-v Display the version information
dir Directory
mofstyle /opt/mof

Default Values

The following table shows the default values for each of the option arguments. If an option is not listed.

Option Description Default
-h Display this usage statement FALSE
-q Quiet mode FALSE
-v Display the version information FALSE


The following command formats all the MOF files in the tmp directory, including all subdirectories.


style        Directory to process

C:\Program Files\ws\sdk\bin>xcopy /E ..\..\standards\dmtf\schema\2.24.1\final\cim_schema_2.24.1Final-MOFs\*.mof style\Core
1377 file(s) copied.
C:\Program Files\ws\sdk\bin>mofstyle style

The following shows the command and the result.

mofstyle screenshot

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