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The mofcomp utility parses Managed Object Format (MOF) files, verifies syntax and optionally compiles CIM Qualifiers types, classes and instances in MOF files into the CIM Repository

Run mofcomp from the following directory

Platform Directory
Windows C:\Program Files\ws\sdk\bin\
Linux /usr/ws/sdk/bin
Solaris /opt/ws/sdk/bin

Command Line Syntax

The mofcomp utility can be invoked by typing mofcomp at the command prompt.

The command line syntax for the mofocmp utility is included below.

C:> cd \Program Files\ws\sdk\bin
C:> mofcomp -h
-c Syntax Checking Only
-d Display debug information
-h Display this usage statement
-i <name> Interop namespace
-kf <file> KeyStore File (Mutual Authentication)
-kp <password> KeyStore Password (Mutual Authentication)
-l <locales> List of locales in priority order
-n <name> Namespace
-o <dir> Directory to output files
-p <credential> WBEM Server credential (e.g. password)
-q Quiet mode
-s <server> WBEM Server URL
-tf <file> TrustStore File (Mutual Authentication)
-u <principal> WBEM Server principal (e.g. username)
-v Display the version information
-wp WBEM Protocol (e.g. CIM-XML, CLP, ...)
-m Allow modification of elements (Qualifier Type, Classes, Instances,...) if they exist
mofcomp myschema.mof
mofcomp -s https://localhost/interop -u uname -p pwd myschema.mof
mofcomp -n test -u uname -p pwd myschema.mof

Default Values

The following tables shows the default values of each of the option arguments. If an option is not listed, then it has no default value.

Option Description Default
-c Syntax checking only FALSE
-d Display XML Debug Information FALSE
-h Display this usage statement FALSE
-i <namespace> Interop namespace to use interop
-m Allow modification of CIM Elements FALSE
-n <namespace> Namespace to compile CIM Elements to interop
-p <credential> WBEM Server credential (e.g. Password) guest
-q Quiet mode FALSE
-s <server> WBEM Server Https://localhost/interop
-u <principal> WBEM Server principal (e.g. Username) guest
-v Display the version information FALSE
-wp WBEM Protocol CIM-XML

Exit Codes

The following exit codes can be returned

Exit Code Description
0 Success
-1 MOFCOMP error encountered
-2 File not found
-3 Unknown error


Compile cim_schema_2.24.1.mof using principal guess and password guess


-s https://localhost/interop Connect to the interop namespace of the Server running on the local system using an https connection
-n cimv2241 namespace
-u guess principal (username) guess
-p guess credential (password) guess
..\..\standards\dmtf\schema\2.24.1\final\cim_schema_2.24.1Final-MOFs\cim_schema_2.24.1.mof MOF file

The following shows the command and the result

mofcomp screenshot

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