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The wbemmethod utility allows a user to execute extrinsic method CIM Operations against a WBEM Server.

Run wbemmethod from the following directory:

Platform Directory
Windows C:\Program Files\ws\sdk\bin
Linux /usr/ws/sdk/bin
Solaris /opt/ws/sdk/bin

Command Line Syntax

The wbemmethod utility can be invoked by typing wbemmethod at the command prompt.

C:> cd \Program Files\ws\sdk\bin
C:> wbemmethod -h
WBEMMethod [options] objectpath method
Copyright (c) 2002-2010 WBEM Solutions, Inc.
Use is Subject to License Terms.
-ai <name=value,*>input arguments
-ao <prop>,<prop>,..output arguments
-dDisplay debug information
-hDisplay this usage statement
-kf <file>KeyStore File (Mutual Authentication)
-kp <password>KeyStore Password (Mutual Authentication)
-l <locales>List of locales in priority order.
-p <credential>WBEM Server credential (e.g. password)
-ph <host>HTTP Proxy Host
-pp <port>HTTP Proxy Port
-rp <credential>WBEM Server Role credential (e.g. password)
-ru <principal>WBEM Server Role principal (e.g. role to assume)
-s <server>WBEM Server URL
-tf <file>TrustStore File (Mutual Authentication)
-u <principal>WBEM Server principal (e.g. username)
-vDisplay the version information
-wp <protocol>WBEM Protocol (e.g. CIM-XML, WS-Management, ..)
objectpathCIM Object Path of the CIM Element
methodThe name of the method in the CIM Class
wbemmethod -ai test=abcd CIM_MyInstance.InstanceID=3 MyMethod

Default Values

The following table shows the default values for each of the option arguments. If an option is not listed, then it has no default value.

Option Description Default
-d Display XML Debug Information FALSE
-h Display this usage statement FALSE
-p <credential> WBEM Server credential (e.g. Password) guest
-s <server> WBEM Server Https://localhost/interop
-u <principal> WBEM Server principal (e.g. Username) guest
-v Display the version information FALSE
-wp WBEM Protocol CIM-XML

NOTE: If the method has no input arguments, do not specify the -ai option. Likewise, if the method has no output arguments, do not specify the -ao option.

CAUTION: When using the WS-Management protocol, wbemmethod cannot be used if the extrinsic method has an input argument that is a reference. This limitation is due to the fact that the WS-Management protocol does not support metadata operations such as GetClass. Consequently, wbemmethod does not have sufficient information to handle the reference input argument properly.


This example starts the CIMXML Object Manager Adapter of the J WBEM Server by invoking the StartService extrinsic method of class WBEMSolutions_CIMXMLObjectManagerAdapter. The StartService extrinsic method has no input or output arguments.

NOTE: You can get the CIMXML Object Manager Adapter by doing enumerate instance names operation to CIM_ObjectManagerAdapter as seen below. Here, the value of the SystemName key property is This value may be different for your J WBEM Server.

The following shows the command and the result.

wbemmethod1 screenshot wbemmethod2 screenshot

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